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Wear Denim on April 25, 2012 To Help Stop Sexual Violence

April is National Sexual Violence awareness month. More than ever these past couple of months I have paid very close attention to cases about violence against women. It’s horrific to think that even in 2012 we need to stand up and bring attention to these issues. Read more


Women Engineers from Ford Motor Company Engage

I attended a mixer with Women Engineers from Ford Motor Company’s virtual reality and technical engineering department earlier this week.   Read more

Kroger Daily Deals: Save an extra $2.50 on Tide Liquid or Powder at Ralph’s & more

I do a lot of commuting during the week and need to find ways to stay within our budget.  Can you related? With the cost of gas rising it’s very important for me and my family to find money-saving tips.   Read more

Makari DeSuisse Hair Care – Hair Anti-Breaking Serum Review

I have been looking for products for my hair to protect my hair from damage when I flat-iron and curl my hair. My hair is naturally curly and takes me about 2 hours to wash, blow dry, flat-iron and curl. It’s definitely a time-consuming task, but I Read more

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!   Today is Chinese New Year, the most important Chinese Holiday where families gather to celebrate the traditional holiday with an annual family dinner with parents handing out red envelopes with money to their children.  I had the opportunity to interview my friend “May” (Not her real name) and get her views on what this tradition means to her and her family. Read more

New Latina 2012 Renewal Twitter Party this Wednesday 12/28 at 9PM EST #NLRenewal

Please join me for New Latina‘s New Year’s ‘Renewal Twitter Party’ to help you refresh your goals and renew your ambition for the year to come!  Read more

Moms Clean Air Force | Being A Good Mom Means Protecting My Children

Being a good mom means protecting my children by feeding them healthy, chemical-free foods, providing toxic-free shelter for them, and protecting them from harm. Whether our children Read more

The Sweet 16 New Relationship Marketing Tips

Mari Smith grew up in British Columbia and came to San Diego in 1999 with determination and a big dream.  She is a successful Entrepreneur and is considered the Thought Leader among all Facebook marketing  and Social Media Marketing experts.  She is the REAL deal folks!   Read more

Inspirational Quotes

What makes a good quote?  My favorite quotes are the words of honesty.  Words spoken in conversation.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be the most articulate words.  Motivational quotes inspire me.   Read more

A Mother’s Day Gift

Dear Daughter,

Today is Mother’s Day. I know you are very excited about today. You’ve been watching me for weeks, asking me a lot of questions about the things that I like.  I know that you’re really excited about today. Read more

National Denim Day 2011

Don’t forget to wear Denim on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 as a visable social statement to raise public awareness about sexual assault and rape and to educate communities and Read more

International Womens Day

Today is the 100th celebration of International Women’s Day!  Let’s do our part today to support International Women’s Day by letting all women know that we’re celebrating them and  the power of their influence.

I’m celebrating International Women’s Day the entire month of March 2011
because women need to know that
WE rock!





Women spread the Light

When women organize, we empower the world!

How are you going to support International Women’s Day?