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Tech.Food.Life. is where Technology, Food & Lifestyle converge. The blog highlights information, events, product reviews and trends surrounding these topics. Tech.Food.Life. also actively promotes and engages in activities that support the advancement of all women, entrepreneurship, education and new media.

About the author: Eva Smith lives in Southern California. An IT architect by trade, in her free time she’s an avid baker, aspiring gourmet chef and enjoys writing and learning about people, food, and technology.

Eva has been involved in Social Media for over 15 years. She started her journey in media with an idea to help nonprofits with their marketing campaigns through the use of Social Media. As a Community Manager for nonprofit organizations she was able to successfully launch several Facebook FAN pages, Twitter accounts and blogs. She has also had the opportunity to provide one on one Social Media training to several influential business owners. Her love of technology, food, lifestyle and people led her to create her blog, Tech. Food. Life.

Eva was a featured speaker at Hispanicize Conference 2011, LATISM Latino2 Latinos in Technology Conference , BlogHer 2011, Mashable’s Social Media Day sponsored by OC Register.

Eva has worked with various nonprofits & brands including Ann Taylor, Pine-Sol, Home Depot, Taste of LA, Latina Style, Latina Magazine, Univision, OC Foodie Fest, Big Sunday, Knotts Berry Farm, Seattle’s Best, Cover Girl, Kia, Help A Mother Out, Make a Wish Foundation, Moms Clean Air Force, Serve, Disney Motion Pictures Production Company, Toma Leche, Infinity and more.

Eva is the Co-Founder of Latina Mom Bloggers and is one of the top influencers in Latino social media and general markets. She is also one of the leading lifestyle & tech bloggers in the United States with crossover appeal among general market and multicultural audiences. Eva Smith is bicultural and is fluent in Spanish and English.

The opinions expressed on this website are her own opinions and not those of her employer.

Connect with Eva at the upcoming events or following Social Media Networks:

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  1. Eva, I am finally stopping by your blog! Sorry it’s taken so long to get around to it. I appreciate all that you share on Twitter space, and now all that you are sharing on your blog. Looks like you and I have a lot of common interests.

    October 2, 2009
  2. tamia #

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    June 7, 2011
  3. Julie Hughes-Enslow #

    Hey Eva, You rock! This is how stuff gets done right, doing what you love, sharing with the world.

    June 29, 2011
  4. Hi Eva,

    I’ve been admiring your site and twitter handle and wanted to reach out…

    I am writing you from MyLikes, and would like to invite you to create sponsored Tweets for Chobani Greek Yogurt.

    Chobani has a new online show coming out dedicated to cooking/recipes using their Yogurt…and we are looking for Moms/foodies to help us promote the new show called Chobani Kitchen. Here is a link to their site, where you can see an example video.

    The actual campaign begins this Fri. the 7th. If you are interested please let me know and I will follow up with you re: the details, but FYI, the payout is .70 p/click.

    If you are interested in promoting for Chobani and other similar products through Mylikes, create an account by clicking on Monetize my Audience => Connect with Twitter

    If you have any questions, please let me know, thanks.

    Mark Rojas
    Senior marketing manager, MyLikes Inc
    Skype/AIM: mylikesmark

    MyLIkes is a social / youtube advertising platform that allows
    YouTubers to make earn money by featuring products and services they
    like in sponsored videos. MyLikes was created in 2010 by veteran

    October 4, 2011
  5. Hello you silken haired Goddess — just wanted you to know I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. This is both a blessing and a curse as it requires some Herculean tasks to accept, but it also builds community. Feel free to embrace or ignore.

    Here’s the link …

    And Happy Holidays!!

    December 23, 2011
  6. I see Shannon’s been here already, but…I also nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Details here–

    Happy, happy!

    December 23, 2011
  7. Hey Eva,Nice blog, If you ever want to monetize your blog, to make a little extra cash, with very little extra work. Just stop by and check us out at We are a ppc ad network. And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks

    February 12, 2012

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