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Happy President’s Day! Top 6 Presidential Quotes For Leaders

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams Read more


Goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012!

2011 was definitely a year of growth for Tech.Food.Life. blog.  I started off the year with a plan to blog more and put an authentic voice to my blogging.  With so many different websites out there, I wanted to make it a place where no matter who visits they feel at home and want to wander Read more

Setting SMART Goals for 2012

What is your favorite Goal attaining system?  I prefer setting goals using the S.M.A.R.T. system. If you don’t have a goal setting system, I recommend this system.  It’s a simple and effective way to set SMARTer goals.  It’s my go to system for setting goals.  Read more

7 Fascination Triggers to Persuade and Captivate

I attended LinkedOC One Night Only w/ keynote speaker Sally Hogshead yesterday evening at Gothic Moon Productions in Orange, CA.  She is the author of the Leadership Book Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuade and Captivate,  and is a well sought out motivational speaker (ie TED)  and Advertising Mastermind.  I was really captivated by her Read more

A Lesson From The Four Agreements

I’m a notetaker, listmaker and self-proclaimed wiki and periodically review my notes for nuggets I may have missed during a speaking engagement, conference or meeting.  Read more

1-2-3 #LATISM Latino2 Conference Here We Come!

A couple of months ago  Ana Roca Castro (@AnaRC) Founder of Latinos in Social Media started a discussion about “Where are all the Latino Startups“?   We learned that statistically speaking the number of Latino Startups don’t exist.   Ana’s post was  followed by Jesse Luna’s (@JesseLuna)  interview with a dynamic Latina Entrepreneur, Leanna Hernandez who Read more

Big Sunday Day of Volunteering

I’m an advocate of volunteering and personally believe that one of the gifts EVERY individual has been given in life is the gift of helping other people in need. Big Sunday Weekend annual charity event on May 15 and May 16 drew about 50,000 volunteers nationwide.
Read more

LA River Day of Service 2011

The 22nd annual LA River Day of Service took place in Los Angeles on April 30, 2011.    I was honored to join Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Girls Today Women Tomorrow and Latina Bloggers to support the event. Pine-Sol sponsored the big cleanup event. We met the Girls Today Women Tomorrow Leadership program participants in the morning, cleaned the river and wrapped up the days events with an awards ceremony, food & music.   Read more

Top 10 Reasons to Attend Hispanicize 2011

The 2nd annual Hispanicize, Hispanic PR & Social Media conference is scheduled for  April 6-8, 2011 in Hollywood, California at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa.  The national conference is a partnership of the Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA), Hispanicize, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and the Hispanic PR Blog.

Hispanicize is the complete resource for Hispanic social media marketers and Latino bloggers.  The company was co-founded by Latino social media thought leaders Manny RuizLouis Pagan and Migdalia Rivera.   The company’s management team has co-founded several well established, media companies and organizations, including: Hispanic PR Wire, Hispanicize 2011, the 2nd Annual Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference, Hispanic Digital Network, theHispanic PR Blog, LATISM, Latino Rebranded and Latina on a Mission.

The Hispanic population is growing faster than any other ethnic group. Hispanicize Conference will empower PR, Marketing, Social Meda & New Media Professionals and Organizations seeking to improve their Hispanic PR & Social Media skills.  The conference will also equip organizations with information & business relationships needed to understand Hispanic population in order to tap into the Trillion dollar Hispanic  buying power.

Here are the top 10 reasons you should attend this conference:

  1. Over 30 exclusive sessions focusing on the Best Hispanic Public Relations & Social Media practices. Hispanic Media in the Digital Age, Hispanic CSR Best Practices, Social Media Measurement Best Practices & more.
  2. Half-Day Training session for Non-profits seeking to improve Hispanic PR & Social Media skills Bootcamp.
  3. Sports & Entertainment Industry PR & Marketing Best Practices session.
  4. Census Results Marketing Forum: Learn what Census results reveal about Hispanic population.
  5. Meet & Network with Latino & Latina Bloggers face to face.  There will be several Influential Latino Blogger sessions including Mommy 3.0, Latino men & iBlog 2.0 Latino Tech & Food bloggers panels. Learn how to effectively collaborate with other bloggers or group of bloggers.
  6. Latino Bloggers & Brands will also have an opportunity to meet face to face at the Blogger-Brand speed dating session.   Make sure to get your media kits ready & pitch YOUr brand!
  7. Blogging for Business Training sessions – Learn how to Brand Yourself & Monetize your blog.
  8. Community Managers will also learn how to use Twitter and Facebook Social Networking tools to engage your communities and increase followers.
  9. Networking, Networking, Networking, Networking!
  10. You’ll be in sunny California!

Check out the Hispanicize Conference 2011 site for additional information regarding registration & hotels or Hispanicize 2011 Training sessions for a complete list of training sessions or download the Hispanicize session schedule.

Hope to see you there!

Let’s talk about it: Are you planning on attending Hispanicize 2011?  What sessions are you looking forward to?  Add your comments below.

5 Leadership Lessons from Seth Godin

Our society is training robots!  In some jobs and schools people have been taught to conform.  Follow the instructions and do the status quo. Shut up! Don’t speak up! Rarely, are people being taught to think out of the box.   In this downward economy the only thing to do is to stop looking down and start looking UP!  Make a change.

Seth Godin’s new book, Poke the Box is a manifesto.  The book provides key principals to taking INITITATIVE.  Seth Godin’s book encourages readers to start things now.

Here are 5  Leadership Lessons from excerpts from his new book:

1. Life is a Buzzer Box, Poke it!

Seth’s uncle created a Buzzer Box, plugged it in and gave it to his son. When you give a child a toy the child will play with it.  The child will try different things to figure out how the toy works.  The child is fearless. A child initiates and creates situations.  If you are afraid to take initiative, think like a child and go for it.

2. The most important capital in the new economy is Instigation capital

The market responds to the Power that comes with capital.  There are 5 types of capital to invest when starting an business: Financial capital, Network capital, Intellectual capital, Physical capital, Prestige captial and Instigation Captial.   However, the most important capital in the new economy is Instigation capital.   Many people and organizations have money, networking abilities, smarts, tools and a great reputation.  However, the key ingredient they are lacking to make it successful is the ability to move forward.

3.   Instead of trying to check your reputation online periodically, use the time as an opportunity to create.

Seth describes several incidences of people checking for (Social Media) updates during the busy day as though they are checking their profiles and different networks to polish their reputation online.  Seth challenges people to use the opportunity to do something original, provocative or important instead.

4. Approach your work everyday in a way that generates unique learnings and ideas worth sharing

TEDx is an independent conference where people from different fields come together to discuss ideas. If you had a chance to do a TED or TEDx talk, what would you talk about?  What type of skills do you have to teach? What areas are you a thought leader in?  You should prepare yourself to do one even if you don’t actually do it.  Approach your work like a TED conference everyday.

5.  He who fails the most wins.

Seth provides many examples of people and businesses that failed, failed and failed before they became successful. The two companies that stood out was the history of Starbucks and of  Pixal filmmaker, John Lesseter.  After reading both stories you’ll be inspired to start something.

Do you want to be the person that is hiding behind a notebook with a lot of ideas?   Do you want to blend into a crowd, stay silent and not stand out?

Or Fill in the blank “_________ starts stuff and takes the initiative”. Is it your name?

Excerpted from Poke the Box, by Seth Godin.

Let’s discuss it:

I want to share the book with one of my readers, but my Poke the box book is full of notes and highlights.

However, I took Seth’s advise and purchased a book to share.  In your own words tell me why you want a copy of the book.  Write a comment below or send me your feedback via Facebook or Twitter. Be Creative.

I will select 2 people.  1 facebook friend and 1 twitter follower on Monday 3/14/2011.

International Womens Day

Today is the 100th celebration of International Women’s Day!  Let’s do our part today to support International Women’s Day by letting all women know that we’re celebrating them and  the power of their influence.

I’m celebrating International Women’s Day the entire month of March 2011
because women need to know that
WE rock!





Women spread the Light

When women organize, we empower the world!

How are you going to support International Women’s Day?

¡Es el momento for higher education!

In February 2010, Univision Communications Inc. launched a comprehensive, multi‐year national education initiative called Es El Momento (The Moment is Now) in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, educators and civic and community leaders from around the country. The Es El Momento initiative is aimed at improving academic achievement among K‐12 Hispanic students with a specific focus on high school graduation and college readiness.  Es El Momento higher education program has partnered with many community programs, including Latinos in Social Media, the Largest Professional Network for Latino Professionals.

The Es El Momento community-based program is useful for Spanish speaking parents, teachers and  educators that need resources to guide, mentor and inspire students to pursue higher education.

Es El Momento provides the following academic preparation tools:

1.    Resources to help parents motivate their children to have high expectations of their academic abilities in elementary, middle school and high school.

2.    Video tutorials emphasizing importance of parent participation & support to ensure children succeed in school.

3.    Resources to help educate parents on parental rights & responsibilities, how the educational system works and  Department of Education Helpline.

4.    Academic college preparation tools for parents and students to encourage their children to successfully prepare for college

5.    Financial Aid resources & scholarships.  Learn about the availability of state, federal and private financial resources.  This provides an opportunity to research grants, scholarships, loans and other financial resources available to pay for college.

6.    College preparation & mentoring tools to enable parents to inspire & educate their children.

7.    Latinos in Innovation Career pages.   NASA & Doctor Isabel pages provides mentoring from a perspective of an astronaut & doctor.  This will definitely be one of the favorite pages for students seeking Engineering or Physician careers.

8.   University A-Z  search tool to research favorite colleges.

Will you “accept the challenge” and take part in the movement for change by becoming involved in our children’s education?   Let’s unite and get our children the resources that they need to succeed in school.   Es El Momento para higher education!

LATINA Style 50 Awards & Diversity Leaders Conference on February 3rd, 2011

LATINA Style, the premier magazine addressing the needs of professional Latinas in the United States, will host the 13th Annual LATINA Style 50 Awards & Diversity Leaders Conference on Thursday, February 3, 2011 from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm at the Washington Marriott at Metro Center located at 775 12th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005.

In its eighth year, the conference will present powerful workshops discussing issues relating to Latinas in corporate America, and feature prominent diversity leaders from the companies selected to the 2010 LATINA Style 50 Report (LS50). This year LATINA Style will feature three exciting panels “LATINA Executives of the Year: Nurturing, Developing and Leading,” “Empowering the Employee Resource / Business Resource Groups,” and “DIVERSITY Roundtable: Diversity as a Business Imperative.”

To secure your admission please RSVP by registering online by January 31st,
2011 at Attendance is limited. Registration
Fee: $ 100 corporate – $ 50 government & non-profit org. – $ 25 student with

Full Article at PR Newswire

Leadership Lessons from Children

Happy Martin Luther King day!  Today we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr day with personal & professional life leadership lessons from children. Read more