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I moved my Blog! Follow me at

Hello friends,

I moved my blog to a self-hosted site to take advantage of features not available on  You can find me blogging over at


Tech Tuesday: Facebook Changes Your Default Email Address to Email Address

Has anyone noticed that their default email address on your personal FB account has defaulted to <yourusername> ? Read more

Movie Review: Walt Disney•Pixar Motion Picture Brave Release June 22

I had the opportunity to see a screening of Brave earlier this week at Disney Studios. Brave is an adventure about a teenage girl who is struggling to find herself and create her own destiny.  A lot of  kids, youth and adults will related with the movie theme, characters and Read more

20 Reasons to switch to Google+ [Infographic]

Google+ is a very powerful Social Networking site.  I have not been able to crack the code yet.  However, a couple  things I like about Google+ is the circles, hangouts and search Read more

Mom Bloggers By The Numbers [Infographic]

Did you know that there are about 4 million Mom Bloggers in the United States? Mom Bloggers are very powerful and influential voices. Mom Bloggers are also very picky about the brands they

Read more

Women Engineers from Ford Motor Company Engage

I attended a mixer with Women Engineers from Ford Motor Company’s virtual reality and technical engineering department earlier this week.   Read more

Pinterest is a Game Changer

Pinterest growth is explosive!  The site boast over 11 million visitors per week.  The biggest attraction to Pinterest is the ability to organize pins on boards and share information on multiple social networks.  You can share your pins online via the web, Facebook, Twitter.  If you have an iPhone you can also install the application very Read more

The Internet is on Strike! Will You Participate? #SOPA #SOPASTRIKE

Tech.Food.Life. is blacked out today and not posting due to SOPA Strike. Support SOPA strike by clicking on image Read more

Vanilla Bean Infused Panna Cotta with Berries Recipe

One of my favorites make-ahead dessert recipes is Panna Cotta.  Panna Cotta is a light Italian dessert made by simmering together cream, milk and sugar and mixing with gelatin, eaten all over Italy. This is one of the popular Italian Dessert. Milky pudding or flan.

Read more

Top Tech.Food.Life. Recipes for 2011

Tech.Food.Life. is very popular with food enthusiasts and this year was no exception.  The top most viewed recipes that our readers were craving were as follows: Read more

Wordless Wednesday – Martin Luther King Memorial

Martin Luther King Memorial Read more

The Sweet 16 New Relationship Marketing Tips

Mari Smith grew up in British Columbia and came to San Diego in 1999 with determination and a big dream.  She is a successful Entrepreneur and is considered the Thought Leader among all Facebook marketing  and Social Media Marketing experts.  She is the REAL deal folks!   Read more

Google Plus

I started kicking the tires on Google Plus this weekend.  Google plus is definitely everything you like about Twitter and Facebook without the things you don’t like.  My overall impression on week one of Google plus testing is that Read more

Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley

We certainly have come a long way in computing!   Check out these historical computers from Read more

Join Us for a Father’s Day Twitter Party Tuesday Night!

I’m excited to announce that I’m co-hosting a Father’s Day Twitter party tomorrow.  If you’re looking for gift ideas or an opportunity to win PRIZES you need to come!   The Twitter party is open to EVERYONE, not just Latina Moms. Read more