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I’m A Positivity Ambassador For The California Milk Processor Board

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve been selected  as a Positivity Ambassador for The California Milk Processor’s Board!  As a positivity Ambassador I will be promoting the healthy aspects and benefits of drinking milk.  I love milk because it’s full of nutrients, Read more


#WordlessWednesday – Education in Architecture

Walking through the  Camp in Orange County, I stumbled upon this thought-provoking educational architecture.

Read more

Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley

We certainly have come a long way in computing!   Check out these historical computers from Read more

1-2-3 #LATISM Latino2 Conference Here We Come!

A couple of months ago  Ana Roca Castro (@AnaRC) Founder of Latinos in Social Media started a discussion about “Where are all the Latino Startups“?   We learned that statistically speaking the number of Latino Startups don’t exist.   Ana’s post was  followed by Jesse Luna’s (@JesseLuna)  interview with a dynamic Latina Entrepreneur, Leanna Hernandez who Read more

Memorial Day 2011

As we get ready to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with family, road trips & food, let us not forget the Armed Forces men, women & families that made all this possible. Never Forget…Always Honor.   Read more

The Official Cinco de Mayo Quiz

1. Is Cinco de Mayo an American Holiday?

Answer:    Cinco de Mayo is the anniversary of a battle that took place between the Mexicans and the French in 1862.   The state of Puebla observes Cinco de Mayo to commemorate the Mexican’s army victory over French forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.    Read more

National Denim Day 2011

Don’t forget to wear Denim on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 as a visable social statement to raise public awareness about sexual assault and rape and to educate communities and Read more

Earth Day is Everyday

Today is Earth Day! To many April 22, 2011 is just another day. To people who care about the environment, today marks the day to celebrate the earth and make a commitment to make lifetime changes to change our environmental impact.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to make everyday earth day: Read more

A Call for Latinos in Innovation Fields

Sharing my monthly Tech Tuesday guest post featured on Latinos in Social Media Blog.

In the second State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama layed out his plan for the future.    The President highlighted research, education, technology and infrastructure as pivotal to progress in the United States.  Analysts have narrowed it down to just one word, Innovation. Read more

New Oxford English Dictionary Words – Muffin top, Wassup, LOL, OMG & Taquito!

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The NEW Oxford English Dictionary announced additional new words into the dictionary including, wassup, LOL, OMG & taquito. In addition to revised versions of Second Edition entries, the following new words were added:

about round, adv.
ambigram, n.
banh mi, n.
Barnard’s star, n.
bet-hedging, n.
bet-hedging, adj.
biker, n.
biologic, adj. and n.
calligram, n.
car crash, n.
couch surfv.
couch surfer, n.
couch surfing, n.
cream crackered, adj.
crème de cassis, n.
dot-bomb, n. and adj.
dotted line, n. and adj.
drill-down, n.
dubplate, n.
Dutch colonial, adj. and n.
ego-surf, v.
ego-surfing, n.
English colonial, adj. and n.
fabless, adj.
fnarr fnarr, int. and adj.
gnasher, n.
gremolata, n.
headline, v.
headlined, adj.
headlining, adj.
hentai, n.
heteronormative, adj.
heteronormativity, n.
Hindutva, n.
June, n.
kleftiko, n.
la-la land, n.
lari, n.
LOL, n.1
LOL, int. and n.2
lumpenintelligentsia, n.
meep, n. (and int.)
meep, v.
muffin top, n.
non-dom, n.
non-domicile, n.
non-domiciled, adj.
OMG, int., (n.), and adj.
pap, n.5
pap, v.3
party-crasher, n.
party-crashing, adj.
radioprotectant, adj. and n.
rotograph, v.
rotoscoped, adj.
rotoscoping, n.
rototill, v.
rototilled, adj.
rotten egg, n.
Rotterdammer, n.
Rottie, n.
rottle, n.2
rotty, adj.
rouding time, n.
rough-cut, adj.
rough-cut, v.
rough-dress, v.
roughed-in, adj.
rough-in, n.
roughstock, n.
roulade, v.
roulading, n.
roulette, v.
roundman, n.
round-nose, adj. and n.
round-trip, v.
roupily, adv.
roustabouting, n.
routed, adj.2
router, n.6
routery, n.
routineness, n.
rowdily, adv.
rowed, adj.3
rower, n.3
rowlock, n.2
Royal Free disease, n.
royalness, n.
rozzle, v.
RSA, n.2
Rt. Rev., n.
Rt. Revd., n.
Ru, n.
rua, n.
ruach, n.
rub-a-dub, v.1
rubber-banded, adj.
rubberization, n.
rubberize, v.1
Rubisco, n.
rubrene, n.
rubrification, n.2
rubus, n.
ruck, v.7
ruckly, adj.2
rude, n.1
rudimentarily, adv.
ruesome, adj.
ruff, n.10
ruff, int. (and n.11)
rufiyaa, n.
Rugby sevens, n.
rugelach, n.
rugulate, adj.
ruleful, adj.
rumble-de-thumps, n.
Ruminal, adj.1
rumminess, n.1
rumour control | rumor control, n.
Rumping, adj.
rumspringa, n.
run-and-shoot, adj. and n.
runathon, n.
runchick, n.
Rungu, n.
runiform, adj.
run-round, n.
ruote, n.
Rupert, n.
RUPP, n.
Ruppia, n.
rural economics, n.
Rurales, n.
ruralite, n.
Russellite, n.1 and adj.
Russellite, n.2
Russellite, n.3
Russophobic, adj.
Russophone, n. and adj.
russula, n.
rusticate, adj.
rusticator, n.
rusticle, n.
Rusyn, n. and adj.
ruthenous, adj.
Ruthian, adj.
rutinic, adj.
rutting, n.2
ryanodine, n.
ryotei, n.
ryugi, n.
Second Comingn.
singledom, n.
Skidi, n. and adj.
smack talk, n.
smack talking, n.
smack-talking, adj.
spinback, n.
state-run, adj.
stonewash, n.
stonewash, v.
stonewashed, adj.
suicide door, n.
taquito, n.
tetri, n.
tinfoil hat, n.
Wag, n.4
wassup, int.
yidaki, n

    If you’re a wordsmith you can read the entire list of March 2011 updates here.

    Let’s talk about it: What your favorite new Oxford English Dictionary word?

    ¡Es el momento for higher education!

    In February 2010, Univision Communications Inc. launched a comprehensive, multi‐year national education initiative called Es El Momento (The Moment is Now) in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, educators and civic and community leaders from around the country. The Es El Momento initiative is aimed at improving academic achievement among K‐12 Hispanic students with a specific focus on high school graduation and college readiness.  Es El Momento higher education program has partnered with many community programs, including Latinos in Social Media, the Largest Professional Network for Latino Professionals.

    The Es El Momento community-based program is useful for Spanish speaking parents, teachers and  educators that need resources to guide, mentor and inspire students to pursue higher education.

    Es El Momento provides the following academic preparation tools:

    1.    Resources to help parents motivate their children to have high expectations of their academic abilities in elementary, middle school and high school.

    2.    Video tutorials emphasizing importance of parent participation & support to ensure children succeed in school.

    3.    Resources to help educate parents on parental rights & responsibilities, how the educational system works and  Department of Education Helpline.

    4.    Academic college preparation tools for parents and students to encourage their children to successfully prepare for college

    5.    Financial Aid resources & scholarships.  Learn about the availability of state, federal and private financial resources.  This provides an opportunity to research grants, scholarships, loans and other financial resources available to pay for college.

    6.    College preparation & mentoring tools to enable parents to inspire & educate their children.

    7.    Latinos in Innovation Career pages.   NASA & Doctor Isabel pages provides mentoring from a perspective of an astronaut & doctor.  This will definitely be one of the favorite pages for students seeking Engineering or Physician careers.

    8.   University A-Z  search tool to research favorite colleges.

    Will you “accept the challenge” and take part in the movement for change by becoming involved in our children’s education?   Let’s unite and get our children the resources that they need to succeed in school.   Es El Momento para higher education!

    Leadership Lessons from Children

    Happy Martin Luther King day!  Today we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr day with personal & professional life leadership lessons from children. Read more