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Help Support the Diaper Act

It’s Thankful Thursday folks and today I’m thankful for Help A Mother Out and the Diaper Act! Today there is a family in our neighborhoods who is suffering economic hardship and has to  decide whether they are going to buy groceries or diapers.  As the financial setbacks increase more parents have to make difficult choices which include having to find alternative options for traditional daycare, pulling children out of daycare or using less diapers on your child.  I definitely can relate with these families as I had to make similar choices during the early 1990s as a single parent.

Help a Mother Out is asking all families, bloggers & moms to join forces to support the Diaper Act and they need OUR help. Help A Mother Out (HAMO) is a nonprofit dedicated to increasing access to diapers for families in need. Started by two moms (March, 2009) with an initial investment of $100, this one time diaper drive has evolved into a nationally-recognized grassroots organization raising diapers, awareness, and advocating for long term change in the social safety net.

I’ve had the opportunity of meeting the CoFounder, Lisa and several of her contributors, Kim & Alicia.  They are very beautiful  women helping to meet the needs of families across our country one diaper at a time.  They have raised over 200,000 diapers.  However, this number barely puts  a dent into the overall need for families suffering economic hardships.

The Diaper Act Facts:

  • The DIAPER Act asks for NO additional federal funding
  • Lack of diapers can result in (1) major health consequences and (2) a barrier to employment
  • If Congress enacts the DIAPER ACT, eligible child care centers would have the flexibility and choiceto provide diapers (disposable or cloth) to their neediest clients.

Here is how you can help with the Diaper Act initiative:

Join Diaper Action Week:

– Sign our online petition, if you have not already
– POST on your blog during the week of November 14-18
– USE the tools we have on our site, including the petition widget, talking points, and helpful information
– URGE your readers to click the widget and sign the petition
– LINK up to the hub post below

TWEET or post on FACEBOOK during Diaper Action Week to call attention to our campaign, using #DiaperAct. Mobile users: click here for our mobile friendly petition.

That’s all!  Thank you so much for helping support the Diaper Act initiative.

Happy Thankful Thursday!



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  1. Thank you for posting this and letting us know!

    November 23, 2011

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