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My Wonderful Milk Memories | Chocolate Abuelita Recipe

I was thinking today about all the wonderful memories I have of milk and realized that milk is an essential part of our everyday life.  Not a day goes by when we don’t use  it.   If there is no milk in the refrigerator chances are that you probably won’t be able to make or eat a lot of your favorite foods.  You also can’t bake without milk!   I’m so thankful that we don’t have to imagine a world without milk because just about every holiday recipe I enjoy for Thanksgiving uses milk.

As a young girl I enjoyed the calming effects of a cup of Chocolate Abuelita during the Holidays!  I still drink it and have passed on the love of Chocolate Abuelita to my family and serve it to them the entire Holiday season.  I also enjoy arroz con leche and atole!  Such great memories come to  mind when I think of my childhood milk memories!

As an adult I still enjoy all the milk memories of my past, but now I am able to make my very own memories by cooking milk recipes.  I enjoy making yogurt parfaits, smoothies and  ice cream.   My favorite milk recipes include mashed potoatoes, arroz con leche, and atole.


When I think of the ways I enjoy drinking milk I think about desserts.  I love drinking a glass of chocolate cake, apple pie or banana cream pie with a glass of milk.  However, the best way to drink milk during the Hoildays is with cookies.  It sounds kind of corny, but I’m so thankful for milk.


Chocolate Abuelita Recipe

  • 3 cups whole milk
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tablet Chocolate Abuelita
  • 1 Cinnamon stick *optional
  • Whipcream *optional

Bring water & cinnamon sticks to a slow simmer in a large pot, over medium/low heat.   While stirring slowly add some chocolate pieces.  Stir occassionally until mixture comes to a boil. Serve with Love.

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Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor’s Board and Latina Mom Bloggers.  All opinions are my own.

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