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7 Fascination Triggers to Persuade and Captivate

I attended LinkedOC One Night Only w/ keynote speaker Sally Hogshead yesterday evening at Gothic Moon Productions in Orange, CA.  She is the author of the Leadership Book Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuade and Captivate,  and is a well sought out motivational speaker (ie TED)  and Advertising Mastermind.  I was really captivated by her speaking, insights and behavioral expertise.


Her keynote 7 Fascination Triggers, helps identify the key factors which turn your natural, hidden strengths into your greatest advantage.  The 7 triggers are Passion, Trust, Mystique, Rebellion, Power, Alarm, Prestige.  You can use your natural trigger to persuade and captivate people, customers, family or total strangers.  According to Sally, your brain is hardwired to fascinate.  Fascination is an intense emotional focus.   It’s not so much about the personal brand, but about the personality brand which requires you to build your brand based on your personality.

The KEY learning is that we are all naturally born to FASCINATE, but that somehow somewhere we lost that ability.

Here is a summary of the 7 Triggers to Persuade and Captivate:

  1. POWER:    You take Command of the environment. You are a natural strong leader.
  2. PASSION:  You attract with emotion.  You attract others to you with your ideas.
  3. MYSTIC:   You are complexity goal oriented & arouse with curiosity. You intrigue others by not giving it all away.
  4. PRESTIGE: Increase respect and always see how things can be done better. Detail-oriented.
  5. ALARM:  You know how to create a sense of urgency. You watch all details to avoid problems.
  6. REBELLION: You are a game changer. Your creativity invents untraditional solutions.
  7. TRUST: You build loyalty through reliability and dependability. You typically structure your day and are predicatable.


She also provided us with insightful information on applying the triggers in customer relations when dealing with prospective clients and/or customers.  If your CUSTOMER has the following TRIGGER, here is how you can act upon it:
  1. POWER:   Give CUSTOMER the facts
  2. PASSION:  Do it in person. See CUSTOMER in person.
  3. MYSTIC:  Don’t push CUSTOMER without giving rational facts
  4. PRESTIGE:   You need to show CUSTOMER why life will be better working with YOU.
  5. ALARM:  Show CUSTOMER why you are the solution to their problems.
  6. REBELLION:  Give the CUSTOMER options
  7. TRUST:  Provide CUSTOMER with Satisfaction Gauranteed

The biggest takeaways for me was to REMEMBER WHERE I CAME FROM.  Sally was very transparent in sharing her success story.   Which was a great reminder to be TRANSPARENT.  She was also full of energy  which was an encouragement to be ENLIGHTENING.  WHY NOT run across the room and give someone a HUG!   She is an AMAZING woman and truly FASCINATED US ALL.

Are you curious about what makes YOU FASCINATING? Here is the link to take the 5 minute test to determine your triggers to PERSUADE and CAPTIVATE:

After you take the test you will receive an email with detailed description of your PRIMARY, SECONDARY and DORMANT TRIGGERS to persuade and captivate.  The results will FASCINATE you.

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  1. I certainly agree with the power of these 7 triggers. While alone they are still effective, combined they make for a very strong appeal! I teach similar concepts in my own leadership programs.

    November 10, 2011
  2. I’ve read Sally’s book and I give it 5 out of 5 stars! I am hopeful to have an opportunity to see her live.


    November 10, 2011

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